UTGB Core 1.0: Developer Guide

Getting Started

Folder structure

Source codes of UTGB Core follows the Maven's standard folder layout:

src/main/java       source codes
src/main/resources  resource folder 
src/main/webapp     web application configuration files (web.xml, context.xml, etc. )

src/test/java       test codes
src/test/resources  resources for testing 
src/gwt-test        gwt-test codes

tomcat              GWT shell uses this folder to launch GWT-embedded tomcat server. 
                    To change the web application  configuration, edit tomcat/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/web.xml,
                    or tomcat/conf/gwt/localhost/(context path).xml etc.

www                 GWT-compiled javascript codes will be generated into this folder
eclipse             eclipse program launch files

target              compiled class files or other generated files will be placed here

Package Structure

org.utgenome.gwt.utgb           UTGB Core libraries and track implementations
org.utgenome.gwt.utgb.client    UTGB Core client-side (browser) codes, which will be compiled into JavaScripts 
org.utgenome.gwt.utgb.server    UTGB Core server-side codes including Servlets.

org.utgenome.gwt.web            UTGB common libraries 

org.utgenome.format             Data conversion codes
org.utgenome.portable           [[wiki:Devel/UTGBPortable UTGBPortable]] 
org.utgenome.util               Miscellaneous utilties 

Create Your First Track

In the default setting, if you add a RequestHandler? implementation (say, into package, the handler class can be accessed from:


In web mode (running on Tomcat server), this URL will be shortened into: http://(webapp url)/(context path)/hello.action

(see wiki:UTGBCore/RequestDispatcher for details)

Your first task is to extend a servlet that simply returns a test "HelloWorld" with additional messages:


Access the following URL after launching GWTShell: http://localhost:8888/org.utgenome.gwt.utgb.UTGBResourceCenter/dispatcher?