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Miscellaneous (Obsolete)

Other Useful Plug-ins for Eclipse

  • FatJar
    • Packs all required Jar files into a single Jar file.
  • Buckminster
    • required to install Subclipse & Mylyn integration feature
  • My bookmarks.xml for Eclipse3.2
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <site name="Subclipse" url="" web="false" selected="true" local="false"/>
       <site name="fatjar" url="" web="false" selected="true" local="false"/>
       <site name="Mylar" url="" web="false" selected="true" local="false"/>
       <site name="The Eclipse Project Updates" url="" web="false" selected="false" local="false"/>
       <site name="Callisto Discovery Site" url="" web="false" selected="false" local="false"/>

The following contents are retrieved from trunk/browser/README:

Build & Debug (with Eclipse)

  1. Install GWT (Google Web Toolkit. version 1.4.10 or higher)
  2. In Window->Preference->Java->Classpath Variables, add a new variable as follows:
    GWT_HOME=(your GWT installation folder)
  3. (debug) launch Debug -> GenomeBrowser?_gwtshell, which displays GWT debug shell and

genome browser interface.

Build (from command line)

  1. Download the Google Web Toolkit from the web. Version 1.4.10 or higher is required.
  2. Copy '' to ''
  3. Open the '' file, then change the gwt.home variable to the path of your GWT (Google Web Toolkit) folder, and comment out appropriate '' lines to select GWT develeopement library on your OS. - e.g. (in Windows)
    gwt.home=C:/(somewhere in your PC)/gwt-windows-1.4.10
  4. > ant compileJs
  5. Open www/org.utgenome.gwt.utgb.UTGB/UTGB.html in your web browser (IE, Firefox, etc.)


  1. Install Tomcat 5.0 (or higher) Java web server.
  2. Edit your file, and modify the following variables:
    TOMCAT_HOME=(Tomcat Installation folder)
    tomcat.manager.username=(tomcat manager username)
    tomcat.manager.password=(tomcat manager password)
  3. Set up GWT as described above (the section on build from command line)
  4. > ant deploy
  • This generates a war file (web application archive), and deploy the war file in the tomcat server

Trouble Shooting

* Q: GWT Shell invokes a following error:

[ERROR] Errors in 'jar:file(...)UTGB%20Common/lib/gwt-dragdrop-1.0RC.jar!/com/allen_sauer/gwt/dragdrop/client/'
  • A: Your GWT version must be higher than 1.4.10 in order to use drag & drop facility.

* Q: out of memory error when running Ant.

  • A: create a $HOME/.ant/ant.conf file, then write the following line: